Moeck/SRP 2011 recorder competition - Kerstin Fahr

Kerstin Fahr performing Moritz Eggert's composition "Ausser Atem/Breathless". In this composition Kerstin is playing the following instruments: Mollenhauer 440 Denner soprano, Ralf Ehlert 440 Bressan Alto, Ernst Meyer 440 Ganassi G-alto For a detailed account of the competition please see: From the finals of the Moeck/SRP 2011 recorder competition held on Nov. 13, 2011 at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Adjudicators: Matthias Maute, Ibi Aziz and Emma Murphy

Ofrenda (1986) Mario Lavista (*1943)

Kerstin Fahr: recorder, Alina Jaggi: dance